Investing in a new global retail, leisure, and wellness destination for Mayfair

Royal London Asset Management has a plan to invest in and renew the Lancashire Court Estate to create a new global retail, leisure, and wellness destination in the heart of Mayfair.

With challenges facing retail it is not hard to see that without significant investment Lancashire Court could fall back. The ambition is to maintain and enhance the vibrant character of the area by curating a mix of uses including upgraded and enhanced retail units, a new wellness centre, a hotel, restaurant spaces and significantly improved public realm.

The Lancashire Court Estate is made up of a collection of buildings around New Bond Street, Brook Street, Avery Row and Lancashire Court. The once-in-a-lifetime plans take a long term and holistic view of the whole site, ensuring its viability and success for generations to come.


Prioritising retro-fitting and reducing waste with 84% of Gross Internal Area retained or refurbished

Diverse Offer

A wider range of uses including new restaurant, hotel and a new wellness centre fit for the future

Net-Zero Carbon

Future proofing Lancashire Court as an operational net zero carbon enabled estate

Public Open Space

Organising servicing arrangement and re-activating a historic public open space for people to enjoy

Global Destination

Creating a global destination in the heart of Mayfair, contributing to the local economy

Our plans to transform this iconic Mayfair destination are driven by our key principles:  Retro-first, Sustainability, Heritage and Embracing the Future

84% of GIA to be

The vast majority of the structures
will be retained or refurbished
embracing the principles of circular
economy, retro-first and sustainability. 

Explore our proposals to transform
the Lancashire Court Estate

23-31 & 35-37 Brook Street

  • - Split larger retail units to create
    smaller more manageable spaces
  • - Demolish modern rear elements
    and create improvements to
    the carriageway


111-15 and 116-17 New Bond Street

  • - Additional massing at top and
  • - Resized retail units on the
    ground floor


15 Avery Row &
White Lion Yard

  • - New basement and servicing
    facility will mean 15 Avery
    Row is no longer used for
    refuse storage
  • - New active frontage and
    landscaping will greatly
    improve White Lion Yard


8 Lancashire Court

  • - Demolish and rebuild 8
    Lancashire Court as a mixed-use
    building with restaurant, residential,
    and a wellness centre

LSC-MLA-AVR_Sectional_Elevation (MLA) (1)

4-20 Avery Row

  • - Remove the unsightly bin
    storage facility; create new
    retail frontage
  • - New service address at No 12
    Avery Row with direct
    connection to new basement


3-7 & 9-12 Lancashire Court

  • - Light-touch refurbishment to
    improve retail offering and
    public realm
  • - Façade cleaning and maintenance

120-122 New Bond Street

  • - Divide single large retail unit
    into three smaller units
  • - Open the existing blank ground
    floor side elevation of No 122
    to create a new active frontage to
    the Lancashire Court alleyway

Horseshoe Yard

  • - Reset the relationship between surrounding
    buildings to create a more inviting public space

What do you think?

On this website, we have outlined our initial proposals to invest in the Lancashire Court estate to create a new global retail, leisure and wellness destination in Mayfair. Taking a holistic approach and driven by the principles of retro-first, sustainability, heritage and embracing the future our plans will see 84% GIA of buildings refurbished and retained while transforming Lancashire Court to meet the needs of the future.

Ahead of submitting a planning application to Westminster City Council we are keen to hear the views of the local community on our current plans. We are therefore holding three consultation events, one virtual and two in-person. You can also give your feedback on this website. Find out more below:

From 21st February to 14th March 2022, we undertook a public consultation comprising two exhibitions and a webinar on proposals to invest in and renew the Lancashire Court Estate. Although the consultation has now closed, we would still welcome the feedback of the local community. View our consultation materials and find out how to get in touch below:

Public Exhibition

1st March 2022
3:30pm – 7:30pm

St George’s, Hanover Square,
Virtual Webinar

2nd March 2022
6pm – 7pm

Public Exhibition

3rd March 2022
3:30pm – 7:30pm

St George’s, Hanover Square,
Contact Details

You can get in touch by emailing or calling 0800 994 9322.