The project team is led by Royal London Asset Management, the owners of the site. They have contracted Morrow and Lorraine architects to realise their vision for the site. RLAM are also working with CBRE, HartDixon Building Consultancy, Donald Insall Associates, and Concilio Communications on this project.

Established in 1988, Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) is one of the UK’s leading fund management companies, providing investment management solutions to both wholesale and institutional clients such as notforprofit organisations, local authorities and the insurance sector.

Lancashire Court is a small estate in Mayfair, bounded by New Bond Street, Avery Row, and Brook Street. It is a typical network of former stables, workshops, and smaller houses which grew organically as Mayfair developed in the eighteenth century.


The outward-facing buildings are characterised by grand shop-fronts, whereas the inner warrens – centred around two courtyards, Horsheshoe Yard and White Horse Yard – are far more functional in style.


Although still home to many businesses, the configuration and public realm of Lancashire Court does not live up to the potential of this outstanding site, and must be made into a modern destination for the future Mayfair.

Following consideration of feedback, further consultation and pre-application discussions a planning application will be prepared which we hope to submit to Westminster City Council in May 2022. We hope that this will be determined by November 2022, allowing us to begin work on the renewal as early as November 2023.

The Proposals

We are proposing an extensive but sensitive regeneration of Lancashire Court which embraces the changing nature of the high street. In accordance with our sustainability- and conservation-led approach, we are retaining/refurbishing as many of the existing structures as possible – 84% of Gross Internal Area – with the
only building to be entirely redeveloped being 8 Lancashire Court. The new building here will include restaurant, residential, and wellness uses.


We are also turning the upper storeys of 111-15 New Bond Street into a new boutique hotel offering, and resizing ground-floor retail units at these addresses, as well as at 116-17 and 120-22 New Bond Street, 23 31 and 35-37 Brook Street. We are also overhauling servicing, creating a new holistic basement space and a new, more discreet servicing address at 12 Avery Row.


There will also be public realm and frontage improvements throughout Lancashire Court and Avery Row addresses.

This scheme is being guided by four key principles to ensure it becomes a destination for the future Mayfair: retro-first, sustainability, a holistic approach, and embracing the changing high street.

Lancashire Court needs regenerating to realise its potential as a global destination for the future Mayfair. The estate occupies a fantastic location in close proximity to some of the world’s most famous retail streets, but at present it is ill-equipped for the future: its retail units are too large; its public space is tired and
underutilised; it does not provide the diversity of uses expected of a modern high street destination. 

This regeneration will be conservation-led: we are retaining the vast majority of the existing structures (84% of Gross Internal Area). Moreover, those buildings which we are redeveloping are modern infill developments, and we have looked in extensive detail at the history of the site to shape its future – for instance, in reinstating the orthogonal public space at Horse Shoe Yard.

We are proposing a more balanced mix of uses for the site than at present: currently, 72.6% of the site’s area is occupied by retail usage and 20.1% by restaurant use, with the next-highest usage class – museum – occupying just 4% of the total area. We are proposing a mix of 37.8% retail, 25.0% restaurant, and 22.7% hotel, with a wider range of smaller uses including residential, lifestyle and wellness, and museum.


The project team is eager to hear the views of local residents and stakeholders on the future of Lancashire Court. The main way in which we are collecting feedback is via the survey linked on the ‘Have your say’ page of this website.


You can also attend our public exhibitions from 3:30pm to 7:30pm on Tuesday 1st and Thursday 3rd March at St Georges, Hanover Square, W1S 1FX, where you will be able to meet the project team, view the proposals, and ask the team any questions you may have, or our webinar from 6pm to 7pm on Wednesday 2nd March, which will feature a presentation from the team and a Q&A session.


You can register for the webinar on the ‘Have your say’ page of this website. There are also contact details provided, where you can get in touch with us directly. 

You can leave your details in the form on the bottom of this page or the ‘Have your say’ page of this website, and we will keep you up to date with scheme via regular emails.

Please visit the ‘Have your say’ page of this website to learn about the full range of ways in which you can communicate with the team, including our online and in-person consultation events, our survey, and contacting at partners at Concilio via telephone, email, or the comment form on this website.

Construction & Servicing

We will create a robust construction management plan, which we will work on in consultation with local residents to ensure that disruption is minimised. We will take a neighbourly approach.

We are targeting a start date of November 2023, subject to successfully securing planning permission.

A service route at basement level will connect the service lift in 12 Avery Row to the new cycle facilities, kitchens and back of house spaces for the various operators above. This service route will also connect to the service lift within the New Bond Street hotel; this will allow goods and staff from the hotel to use the 12 Avery Row service address.

Waste storage will be consolidated at basement level for all the proposed land uses. Daily collections of nonresidential waste are required to comply with Westminster guidance. On collection day, the bins will be moved to the Waste Lobby on 12 Avery Row via the service lift ahead of the waste collection vehicle arrival; this will minimise the vehicle dwell time on Brooks Mews.