Our principles

We believe that Lancashire Court’s potential can only be realised through treating the whole as greater than the sum of its parts, and viewing Lancashire Court as a holistic destination.

We therefore plan to maximise the flexibility of the different component buildings of the Court and the interconnectivity between them, as well as installing new waste management systems for all the buildings in Lancashire Court.

We want to greatly improve the public realm through making it accessible for all visitors, installing better lighting, and finally through the establishment of a new urban centrepiece in the reintroduction of the historic geometries of Horse Shoe Yard and White Lion Yard.

Taking a holistic view the transformation of Lancashire Court is being driven by four key principles: retro-first, sustainability, heritage, and embracing the future of high streets.

We have analysed every building in Lancashire Court assessing its
potential for refurbishment and extension

This project is conservationled and embraces the principles of the circular economy. We will therefore be retaining the vast majority of the structures which currently stand in Lancashire Court, with 84% of Gross Internal Area to be retained/refurbished in the redevelopment.



Research into the Estate’s past has shaped our vision of its future; for instance, in reinstating the orthogonal public space at Horse Shoe Yard.



Only 8 Lancashire Court will be demolished and rebuilt entirely, due to the need for highly inefficient structural strengthening in the current building, along with its small size, awkward layout, and the need to create a basement space underneath it.

We will be undertaking limited demolition works in
order to remodel the upper floors of 111117 New Bond Street and the rear additions to 27-31 Brook Street due to inappropriate floor to ceiling heights in the current buildings.


While we recognise that the act of demolishing and rebuilding these structures has an unavoidable negative environmental impact, we will create structures with vastly improved environmental performance and capacity for flexibility which will ensure that they are buildings for the long-term future of the estate and of Mayfair.